Directed, Performed, and Choreographed by: Alicia Grant and Andrea Spaziani


This is an experimental dance documentary. This is a performance for the camera. 

Two choreographers are the two directors. And the two subjects.

We are curious about how to jointly inhabit another person and how to inhabit parts of ourselves and parts of the world around us that we have absorbed.

One word: AGGRESSION. 

How does is it affect us? How does it move through us? Can we have fun while doing it? What gives us our power? How much violence have we absorbed? What violent acts have we committed?

We tap into ourselves and memories of others. We investigate what happens when we make time and space for aggression, when we set the stage for aggression....

We use the camera as a voyeur, and camera as the vehicle through which we capture the making of. A constant becoming.

Who are we intimidating anyways?

We are asking questions of collectively embodied tight anal sphincters of worry, despair and anger. Clenched jaws and fists that spontaneously erupt.

A dance performance for a camera that is curious about how things are made.

A dance performance that unfolds and meanders and lands on your heart.

A dance performance where the gaze is distinctly undecided, where the view comes softly and suddenly in and out of focus....

Distinctly glamorous and unglamorous, this is a homemade action movie.

PASSWORD: accenttoe


Alicia Grant received a BFA in Dance from York University in Toronto, Canada.  Her work in performance, video and installation has been presented in Canada, the USA and Europe from stages to swimming pools to gardens to abandoned factories to galleries. She is one part of WITCHTITS, a witch power duo, with Zinzi Buchanan and works in various constellations with other makers in Toronto, Berlin and Zagreb. 

She is interested in power dynamics, transformation, fear and intimacy. She works on this through moving, sweating, impossible tasks, durational experiences in saunas, yelling and running around, walking backwards through the woods, OSHO dynamic meditations, dancing to loud pop music, buying party materials, conversations with friends and strangers, reading books on space, cooking, breathing, crystals and fiction from the library, and cellular physical perceptual exercise.

She has received grants from the Canadian Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council and the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council. She is the Emergent Resident Artist at Dancemakers 2014-2016. 

Andrea Spaziani is a Toronto-based choreographer, performer, and MFA candidate at the Transart Institute. She’s interested in the work of perception, and inhabiting the body differently. Recent works have been presented at 100 Grand Dance (NYC), the Dancemakers Research Lab (Toronto), Hub 14 (Toronto), the Toronto Dance Community Love-in, and at . Her current ‘egregious selfie’ project will be presented at Toronto’s Flowchart in March 2016, and her trio Rafters will be presented at the Citadel in February, 2016. 

As a performer she has worked with notable artists such as Heidi Strauss, D.A. Hoskins, and Marten Spangberg. Recent projects include Verbatim Dance Theatre with Catherine Murray, and The Love Project by Meagan O’Shea/ Standup Dance. She is continuing research for her MFA at residences at Hub 14 (Toronto), Uferstudios (Berlin), and EFA Project Space (NYC). She recently published a handbook of choreographic scores entitled Exiting, Re-Existing.

She graduated from Ryerson University in 2005.


Alicia Grant CV

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